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Monday, November 30, 2009

My Sparkling Wet Delhi took my interview for one of their posts. Do let me know, what you think of my answers. :-)

I took these photos a few days ago. I simply love the way the lights of cars, buses etc twinkle when it rains. My sparkling wet Delhi in my rearview mirror.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Special Treat

I have a special treat for Delhi Photo Diary visitors today. The slogan calling on people to light a lamp and fight the darkness in the world greeted the audience, who had come to see the opening play 'Friends' by the Breathing Space group at the International Children's Theater Festival. Below are videos of some portions of the play. The play was special as my younger brother, Akshat was also performing.

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Animal Sightings

I LOVE driving on the roads of Delhi. The fellow passengers keep me amused. :-)

A langoor riding a two-wheeler above and horses being carried in a mini-truck. Beautiful animals.

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Pass on the message to friends and family too. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Delhi Photo Diary In Race for the 2008 Indibloggies Award


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My mother calls me every afternoon at around 2:30 pm. It is a daily ritual, which even my colleagues have come to let go unnoticed. The conversation is standard.

Mom: Hello!
Me Hi!
Mom: Hows the day been so far?
Me: Ok!
Mom: Had your lunch?
Me: Yup It was very tasty.
Mom: Anything else?
Me: Nope. See you in the evening.

Today, however, she called and without the customary hello, went on to say, you have been nominated for an award. I always dreamed of winning the Noble Peace Prize but with US President Barack Obama winning this year's honours I had given up hope. My mom's excited tone brought me back to reality and I made a serious attempt to comprehend what she was saying.
Mom: I am sending you the link. Delhi Photo Diary has been nominated to win the Best Indi Photo blog at the 2008 Indibloggies. Go and see.

Me: Ok! Are you sure?
Mom: GO!

Colleagues: WHAT???!!!

To cut the long story short: Delhi Photo Diary has been nominated and the final phase is public poll. This means that all of you, who have over the past year and a half visited the blog, returned and passed it on to others, have the option of voting for it.

Delhi Photo Diary is
my attempt to capture my city through my mobile phone camera. :-)

Roses, Ritual, Happy Face

I was back at one of my all time favourite Delhi market, the Phool Mandi (flower market) in Connaught Place. This time I knew exactly what I wanted to buy: 108 red roses for a religious ritual. But with so many beautiful flowers all around, keeping focus is difficult. So here are some of my favourite photos from the trip.

This time I found these beautiful decorative items along with colored glass vases in the market as well. These sell at the early morning market for extremely cheap prices. The same vases at malls cost around INR 500 to 600 and here a good bargainer (I am proud to say I am one) can manage to buy one for just INR 50.

I came happy with my purchase. The 108 red roses were offered to the Shivling, in a temple located near my home.And a dozen I gave to one of my very good friends, who also happens to be my colleague. Aditi was happy with the flowers and the gesture increased my points. So everyone was happy.

P.S: Notice the Kinley bottle holding her flowers. Nice idea for a temporary vase, I'd say.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dastakar Mela

Monkeys eating bananas greeted us at Dastakar Mela held in Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, India Gate. My friend and me realized that monkeys and banana were the theme of the fete when we reached this stall.
But, we were not just 'monkeying' around and had gone to feast our eyes and loosen our purse strings on handicraft goodies on display at this annual handicrafts bazaar.

So we bought some bags and bangles:
Looked and praised some statues
Bought some nice earthen pots

Saw a few more monkeys on banana trees
And with hands full of shopping bags bid adieu to the Dastakar and its colours at dusk.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Khadi Gram Udyog

This is the Khadi Gram Udyog, Connaught Place. The father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi had promoted Khadi, homespun cotton, during the Indian Independence struggle. Today we have Khadi Gram Udyogs in all the major cities and towns of the country. One can buy not only khadi fabric, ready- made clothes, but also shoes, handmade paper, herbs, jewelry etc.

A friend, who is a colleague and a fellow blogger, did a post on me. Do visit. Exposemaximum for see the photos and interview.


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