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Sunday, July 14, 2013

AIIMS Flyover

The clouds and peeping blue skies make the AIIMS flyover look even more beautiful. The silver things are an installation commissioned by the Government of Delhi. Every time I cross the flyover, I get this weird sensation that someone is whispering in my ears, "You are not alone." As far as I'm concerned, these are connectors that have been planted by aliens. Thinking that makes the long periods of traffic jams on this route interesting :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Of Anil Kapoor's hair, blogs and money

With the prices of petrol increasing as fast as hair on Anil Kapoor’s body, all bloggers, including yours truly, are finding new ways to increase their income. I searched far and wide and decided anything that pops in your face and keeps my readers away from photographs and posts was not going to be a part of either of my blogs. Thankfully, two of my favourite websites—Flipkart and Amazon—came to rescue. Half an hour of clicking, filing forms and selecting widgets, and I have found a perfect solution. Every perfect solution like the perfect murder needs an accomplice. So please agree to be an accomplice and every time you plan to buy anything from Flipkart or Amazon, log on to my blogs:
I have signed up for Flipkart’s affiliate program, and every time you buy something after clicking from the link given on the right side bar on Delhi Photo Diary (within the same session), I get a small percentage of your purchase. 
2. Amazon
I am also an Amazon associate, so every time you click through the links given on Delhi Photo Diary and Priyanka’s Point (right side bars) and buy something on Amazon (within the same session), I get a small fee.
So please route all your shopping through my blogs and ensure that I go to more places, get more photos and pen more stories.

Thanks a lot!


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