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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Click walk at Lodi Gardens

I went for a click walk, after a long gap, last week. We went to Lodi Gardens. The slight nip in the air, the beautiful flowers, and nice blue skies welcomed my camera and me with a warmth that is hard to describe. I had a great time working with these photographs. I hope you like them as well.

The majestic tomb at the Lodi Gardens

The enlightened one

Silver dust

Lovely morning blue


Walking in red

Water beasts


What are you looking at?

Natural carving


Flowers on your feet

Dew drops

It's a dog's life

Side view

The young click walker

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fifth Birthday Celebration Contest

Five years!

Yes! DPD is five today. Five years of capturing my city through different cameras. I started the blog by capturing my city scape through the lens of my phone camera. Then, the love for my city graduated to the love for the art of photography. I think growth and love need to be celebrated.

So, I invite you to participate in the first ever DPD contest.

The prize is a Flipkart gift voucher worth rupees 500. Now the prize is a Flipkart gift voucher worth rupees 1,000 by CupoNation. So put on your thinking caps and think harder.

Participating is a piece of cake.
1.       Take out a few moments and like the DPD page on Facebook.
2.       Post one photograph from your city (clicked by you) on the page.
3.       Write 5 lines about why that photograph is special to you.
4.       If I like your post, I’ll declare you the winner.

Once you submit your entry, visit CupoNation website. I promise you’ll not be disappointed. CupoNation is India’s largest coupon portal. It makes the online shoppers shopping experience even better. They offer discounts up to 60% for a vast selection of categories like books, electronics, clothes, etc. So, don’t waste time and head to the website and grab some coupons!

1.       You will be judged the winner if your post tugs at my heartstrings J
2.       The contest is open for three weeks.
3.       The results will be announced by me on 3 April 2013 (the deadline has been pushed back so that many more people can take part) 10 April 2013 on my blog as well as the DPD Facebook page. The best way to ensure you do not miss the result is to keep checking the blog and the DPD page on Facebook.
4.       The winner must contact me by email within a week of the announcement to receive the voucher.
Spread the word of the contest and ask your friends to participate as well. 

 Good luck! Revisit the moment when you fell in love with your city and play to win!


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