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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The different pathways at Lodi garden.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sights from Jaipur, Ajmer and Pushkar

I was in Jaipur last weekend to bring my mother back home. As most of you know she was undergoing treatment for cancer there. Over the extended weekend (Monday, 15 August was a holiday on account of Independence Day of India), I went to offer my thanks to the Gods at the Dargah of Ajmer Shareef and the Brahma Temple at Pushkar. Since photography is prohibited in both the shrines, I could manage to bring back for you just the beautiful things I saw during my trip.


Post card worthy

Reflection shot

Lakshmi Narayan Temple also known as Birla Temple in Jaipur

On the way to Ajmer

Legally parked

Secret of his health?

What are you looking at?


The colour purple


Hanging around


Udaan (flight)

Anna Singh


Evening meet

A cloudy abode

Hills of the Aravallis

A drive in the clouds

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


You will find red earthen bowls like these at lots of places across Delhi, outside homes, in parks, on the road dividers, outside offices, etc. A lot of people believe in leaving water and bajra (pearl millet) seeds in these pots for birds and rodents like squirrels. I found this brave little squirrel who was so determined to get to the food that she ignored my presence to reach for what was hers.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Call against Corruption

Light to lighten, is my school, St. Thomas’ School’s motto. I was reminded of what our motto stands for yesterday, when I went to attend the protest march in support of Anna Hazare’s call for a Jan Lokpal Bill. There were a lot of people who took part in the candlelight protest at Jantar Mantar.

A single light

I am fortunate to be friends with a couple who is passionate about bringing a change in the country's governance. Azad and Aswathi, were as usual taking part in the protest against government's draft of the Lokpal Bill at Jantar Mantar last evening. Azad called me to be a part of it as well. Without a moment's hesitation, I picked up my camera and went to Jantar Mantar.

Azad and Aswathi

I was expecting a gathering of 100 odd people (based on the newspaper reports that I have been reading) but was pleasantly surprised to see more than a 1,000 volunteers at the demonstration site.
Arvind Kejriwal addressing the crowd

One more orator

This gentleman came to attend the protest even after keeping his Ramazan fast

Mashaals and flags at the dharna
The media was also there in full strength. But the coverage on TV was disappointing.


There were old people, young children (even infants) and woman in significant numbers.

I was particularly pleased to see the young participating in full gusto. Cheering, slogan shouting, distributing water to the elders and thirsty in general, the young people of Delhi were doing it with a smile on their faces.

Everyone present joined the clapping to accompany the nukkad natak by the firebrands of Asmita Theatre Group.

The Police was in full attendance. Women police officers were stationed throughout the area and some of them were also seen talking to the protesters.

I heard one police officer say, he wished he could also join the protesters instead of trying to stop them.

Secret desire to join the the protests
There were several moments in today’s evening that I’ll remember for a long time to come. But the one that scared me out of my shoes was when I had a Mahabharata moment. On one side the protesters were crying out slogans, waving flags and mashaals and on the other side a three row wall of policemen and policewomen ready to thwart the march to India Gate. Suddenly, for a moment, I could see an aerial view of the road in my mind’s eyes and it seemed that a mighty clash would occur in minutes.

My respect for the movement and its organizers increased manifold when, the protestors said they would not move forward without proper permission. Permission was denied and I later learned that the protestors camped at Jantar Mantar till almost mid-night.

I wish people at least attend one of these gatherings and give the people who are championing the cause an ear before dismissing them and their argument.

This little guiding light of mine
I hope that the protests will not run their course and die an unnoticed death. I hope some sort of change comes and if nothing at all the government realizes the importance and strength of the voice of the people.


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