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Friday, May 31, 2013

Hindustan Times: Delhi Blog of the Week

I'll be turning 30, the big three O, over the weekend. I don't think the celebrations could have started in a better way. 

Delhi Photo Diary has been featured as the Hindustan Times Delhi Blog of the Week. It's a full circle moment for me since in the early days of my career I had been an intern with the organization. To be featured on its pages has brought a big smile to my face.

Thanks to all of you, who have been with me since March of 2008, exploring Delhi through my words and photographs. 

To Read, Click on the photo, and then enlarge :-)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Butterflies in Lodi Garden

An article a few days back in the national daily, The Times of India inspired to wake up early this Sunday morning and head to the Lodi Gardens. The beautiful winged insects, squirrels, red trees, people exercising and cobwebs ensured that I clicked only  a few frames of the monuments.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Anita Gokhale's Terrace

Delhi is full of places which are open to everyone--people who live here, people who are visiting from other parts of the country and people who are visiting from other parts of the globe. However, there are a few places, beautiful sanctuaries if you will, open only to a select few. My aunt, Anita Gokhale, has managed to create such a sanctuary for her family and her thousands of friends on her terrace. 

Going to her terrace garden to witness it in full bloom is a spring ritual. We welcome the colours on her terrace and in our lives every year by spending a fun-filled afternoon sipping tea and munching on delicious snacks made by her. Then we linger on to spend the evening with friends, sharing more delicious food and drinks while watching the stars in the sky and inhaling the aroma of the beautiful flowers that adorn her beautiful garden. 

This year I went specially to click photographs one afternoon so that I could share her passion for flowers with you.   

A big thanks to Anita aunty for working so hard to ensure all her family and friends enjoy the fragrances and beauty of these amazing flowers. You all will notice that she herself is as beautiful as the flowers she so painstakingly tends to. She is the one, standing on the right, wearing a beautiful smile in the last photo. The lady in the left is my mom. And she sure is always happy to be with Anita aunty. The presence of flowers and the sun makes it all the more special.

The complete view


The pink flower bed

Blues, what blues?

Standing out

Saying something

The swing

Even the setting sun shines to honour the beauty

Bright as the sun


The bar

The source of light

The colour purple


Friends and flowers

Sorry, I was supposed to do this post sometime in February. However things, in hindsight not that important, kept me away. This is my way of bringing the cool spring breeze into your lives :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weave me a story, please: Autumn, Aum, Ghost, and Fire

Autumn leaves


I have given you pictures. Weave a story for me, please.


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