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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ugrasen ki Baoli

Hola Chicos! 

More than a month later I picked up the camera again, today. This hiatus was partly because I was busy learning Spanish and partly because I was feeling lazy to do just a little more to go shutter-crazy. Thankfully, that period is behind me and I am ready again to make most of day. 

I tempted my friends (and colleagues) Sudeshna and Kanupriya to accompany me to the Ugrasen ki Baoli in Connaught Place during our lunch break. If I say so myself, we had a great time!

Golden walls

Light and shade


Grafitti, motorcycle, and water bottles make for a modern art installation. 

Installation art!

 More graffiti!

Lady in red!

 Rules are important. Some, should not be broken EVER!

 Best study hall. EVER!

Lone reader

Four friends discussing history

The Blue stars continue to study hard, the White one looks at me. Suspiciously? Maybe!

I have never been able to resist (clicking) a man in white and blue ;-)

And then we turned the cameras to ourselves.

Kanupriya and Sudeshna all smiles

Kanupriya insists that she wants her chance behind the camera.

Sudeshna and I pose while people around us laugh their hearts out.

It was only polite that Sudeshna got a chance to hit the camera button. She clicked the best photograph of the day (in my opinion).

Kanupriya and I, colour coordinated

 We had a few more antics up our sleeves before we left.

Kanupriya trying (laughing) hard to pull the tiger's tongue out

On the way back to our office.

Gods keeping an eye on a bus stop
 We decided that we deserved burgers for lunch after so much hard work that we had put in. The bright walls of McDonald's welcomed us.

Which is the narrowest of them all?

A little play with the camera settings and I managed to experience (or at least my camera did) night while the sun shone brightly outside.

Modern art?

You can see my earlier posts on Ugrasen ki Baoli (also called Agrasen ki Baoli) here.

Hope I did good in my comeback post. Let's hope the good weather in Delhi continues, the festive spirit keeps me happy, and good friends accompany me to other nooks and crannies of the city so that I bring you more posts.

Till the next time,


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