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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Delhi Photo Diary In Race for the 2008 Indibloggies Award


Vote for Delhi Photo Diary in the 15th category by clicking this link

My mother calls me every afternoon at around 2:30 pm. It is a daily ritual, which even my colleagues have come to let go unnoticed. The conversation is standard.

Mom: Hello!
Me Hi!
Mom: Hows the day been so far?
Me: Ok!
Mom: Had your lunch?
Me: Yup It was very tasty.
Mom: Anything else?
Me: Nope. See you in the evening.

Today, however, she called and without the customary hello, went on to say, you have been nominated for an award. I always dreamed of winning the Noble Peace Prize but with US President Barack Obama winning this year's honours I had given up hope. My mom's excited tone brought me back to reality and I made a serious attempt to comprehend what she was saying.
Mom: I am sending you the link. Delhi Photo Diary has been nominated to win the Best Indi Photo blog at the 2008 Indibloggies. Go and see.

Me: Ok! Are you sure?
Mom: GO!

Colleagues: WHAT???!!!

To cut the long story short: Delhi Photo Diary has been nominated and the final phase is public poll. This means that all of you, who have over the past year and a half visited the blog, returned and passed it on to others, have the option of voting for it.

Delhi Photo Diary is
my attempt to capture my city through my mobile phone camera. :-)


vipin said...

so happy to see your dilligent efforts getting such a wide recognition. !! hats off to you.

I have seen other cities blogs too. And as you mention, you were also inspired by New York Photo Diary blog i guess. .....what i want to say is that its very easy to start something but its very very difficult to keep doing it with same amount of dedication.
You have executed this difficult task. Kudos to you.

Kavita Saharia said...

Kudos to you Priyanka....a winner always.VOTE FOR DD.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your adventure

Himanshu Bhagat said...

voted! :)
I like the way you put your thoughts with the picture..nice! :)

Hilda said...

Congratulations, Priyanka! I've just voted and will verify it later. I must say, I love the Indibloggies logo!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

I've just voted for you :)

Give it some more publicity.

Tell your mom, you'll win.

Peacocks [Mor, मोर] of Morachi Chincholi [मोराची चिंचोली]

Anonymous said...

hello~nice to meet u................................


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