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Friday, November 13, 2009

Dastakar Mela

Monkeys eating bananas greeted us at Dastakar Mela held in Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, India Gate. My friend and me realized that monkeys and banana were the theme of the fete when we reached this stall.
But, we were not just 'monkeying' around and had gone to feast our eyes and loosen our purse strings on handicraft goodies on display at this annual handicrafts bazaar.

So we bought some bags and bangles:
Looked and praised some statues
Bought some nice earthen pots

Saw a few more monkeys on banana trees
And with hands full of shopping bags bid adieu to the Dastakar and its colours at dusk.


Patty said...

Monkey must have been the theme for the day. Looks like a nice place to so some shopping, hope you found something special. Happy week-end.

Hilda said...

Funny and fun theme, if not a bit strange. ;)

I would have loved to come with you — the beads and bags look fantastic and just my style!

nituscorner said...

my favorite stall would have been the place where they sold earthern stuff. lol.hope you had a g8 time.

Jazzy said...

oh i wish i was there.
love your photos!

keep warm!

AB said...

I love the monkey!

Haddock said...

That looks like a good place to go shopping.
Like their theme about the monkey.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Quite a nice post Priyanka! I came from Deepak Acharya's blog.

Garden Lizard

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