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Thursday, April 2, 2009


A pink lamp. If you think its too girly... I'll agree with you. I think the reason I clicked this photo, despite my friends jeering at me, is because i like pink and girly stuff. Its always nice to see a little touch of feminity here and there, I believe. This lamp takes its place proudly in the Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) outlet at Janpath.


nituscorner said...

thats sure is a prominent lamp...but why is pink always asoociated with girls???lol.

R. Ramesh said...

pink? reminds me of Pinki..oh, dont ask me the details..

Patty said...

That's what I would call Hot Pink.

One*planetOne*karma said...


Ash said...

Kudos for taking this picture...despite jeering friends!

I too LOVE girly and pink stuff
:-) Your photo is lovely!

yamini said...

Hey, when did u click this one, i guess it was before i reached CCD.

By the way, pink is now not a girly colour exclusively, men are beginning to learn how to wear pink :)))

humanobserver said...

I am agree with Yamini. This colour is no more girly. :)


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