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Friday, April 10, 2009


It is no secret that I like children and flowers. But children as young as these selling flowers on the traffic signals is not what I want to see. I would rather have these children studying, playing and singing.

I met these two the other day as I was fiddling with the camera on my phone. The boy was urging me to buy the roses but I refused as encouraging them seems a bad idea in the long run. The boy asked me if I could click his photograph. Ever ready to oblige I clicked the photo. When I showed both of them their photo you should have seen them smile. I pulled and then patted his cheeks.

After this the boy plucked a flower from his bunch and gave it to me saying, "Didi, yeh aap rakh lo. Free mein." (Elder Sister, you can keep this one for free.) I was left speechless and before I could thank him for his magnanimity, he was back to work - trying to convince other drivers to buy his flowers.


Anonymous said...

The pic is cute but the thought that someone's dictum (Ref 1: under-cover authorities encourage all this to mint money.) ruins childhood is quivering.

Keep up the work.

Priyanka Jain

PS: Ref 2 - Slumdog Millionaire

nituscorner said...

Its people like them who makes a difference in our life.

R. Ramesh said...

cute pix and perfect lines..not surprising.. coming from priyanka..

amatamari said...

In Italy there are many nomadic children selling flowers ...

is an infinite sadness
is a tremendous injustice

KL said...

Just beautiful and innocent smiles. Lovey photo. But it brought tears to my eyes. What can we do to get rid of all these problems? Education seems to be the solution but it is not fast enough :-(.

magiceye said...

poignantly beautiful

Patty said...

A couple of cute youngsters. Yes it's a same they can't enjoy their childhood, but perhaps they are the only two helping their Mother.

अविनाश said...

they really do mek diffrence ,,....agree with nitu


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