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Monday, April 27, 2009


I was hoping that one of the Delhiites could identify the place. But I guess they did not visit the blog yesterday. I really wish that the three guess were right and I was fortunate enough to have studied in a university like the building above. Nice attempt Magic Eye, That is the chicken and Hilda. But hoping that you would make a correct guess would be a tall order... since you are not from Delhi.

I will open the suspense. This is the India Habitat Centre (IHC). Its an office cum cultural complex and is special as it is powered by solar electricity. Hope you visit IHC, when you come to Delhi.


Hilda said...

Solar? Wow, that's terrific! All its power needs or just specific things?

That is the chicken said...

Ah!...what a good idea! Here in Calgary we also have a building powered by solar power...we get lots of sun here despite the cold. Maybe I'll take a picture and post it.

magiceye said...

oh wow!
now its on my must visit list!


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