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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

As children, cloud-watching was one of the most entertaining pass time. A bunch of friends would sit for hours weaving stories from the characters we thought we saw in the clouds. What do you think these clouds are?


magiceye said...

something brewing up there!

nituscorner said...

It reminded me of the waves when they are real high and then as they come down its like the spray of water.....and in between you can almost see a surfer (ie me!!! lol! ) riding the high wave

अविनाश said...

looks like DD1 weather satellite picture which i always saw on TV during childhood days

Garaz ke saath baarish hone ki sambhavna nahi hai :-)

Kris said...

Now you know how much I like a good reflection shot. Well done!


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