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Saturday, April 25, 2009

# 2: Livelihood: Sketch Artist

I met Saroj at India Gate and loved her work. She charges Rs 150 to make a pencil sketch of a person. It takes her just 15 minutes to transfer a person's face on paper. I asked her if lot of people came to get their sketches done. She replied that work is a unpredictable as life itself.


kavita said...

thanks for stopping and asking Saroj about her.......these hardworking,talented people otherwise go unnoticed.

amatamari said...

Is a good painter but is also a philosopher ...


nituscorner said...

yea some of these people have amazing talents. once in shillong , i met one such artist and he made a portrait of was beautiful( not mebut his work lol!!!)

Surinder said...

hey thanks fr adding abt dis guy who do sketching m in search of such person can ny1 tell me the exact place where i can find him or any contact nd can dis guy also do sketching by seeing a photograph reply soon its urgent serious..


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