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Friday, April 24, 2009

# 1: Livelihood --- Gajrawala

I went to my favourite place in Delhi --- India Gate yesterday. Met a few people and found out that the place is more than just a monument, a tourist haven, structure of national importance, important symbol of history etc... it is also a centre point of livelihood for many.

The man, photographed above, is Jitendra. During the day he offers to click photographs of tourists and as the sun goes down sells 'gajras'(small garlands of mogra that women tie on their plats). Spotting several other photographers there I asked him why does he sell gajaras rather than clicking photos at night too (since it would ensure relatively better income). He replied that he doesn't have enough money to buy a flash. So he sells 4 gajaras for Rs 10 to save money and buy a flash soon.

Its a hard life, but he does not compromise on his style statement and he told me with a huge grin, "I got my ear pierced recently."



Interesting picture! Greetings from Toruń, Poland!

kavita said...

This pic made me home sick....this one captured the mahek of IG ....GAJRAWALLA and that yellow matter how busy my schedule is i always make a point to visit IG .....THANKS FOR BRINGING ME MY HOME.....i hope he buys his flash soon.

lemon said...

I found this post of yours very touching, very human, so I sort of translated it in Greek, to share it with more people.
Thank you very much!

vIpIn said...

That's a beautiful post. So you also like talking to those people and getting to know about their life. ......

fatoori said...

:) made me smile. gud work


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