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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Road At Night

I clicked this photo while returning from Jaipur, where I had gone for the weekend. From the window of the Volvo bus, the roads of Delhi seemed to be sparkling jewels. I like this particular photo because of the movement of the lights.


That is the chicken said...

Roads at night are so pretty...often they're not so pretty in the day!

nituscorner said...

i agree with u was a good picture and i love nite rides. hope u had a nice weekend.

That is the chicken said...

I missed the bit on your comment about your best friend in Calgary...I hope she is enjoying the city! Please drop by my blog any time and see what Calgary is like! :) Is your friend enjoying the snow?...Check my latest picture to see what it was like on Monday!

magiceye said...

lovely perspective and shot!


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