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Saturday, November 22, 2008

T-Shirt... Painted By Your's Truly

My latest creation... a T-shirt I painted. It got rave reviews at office... so I thought I should fish for compliments from fellow bloggers as well. And if you are one of those, who would question the photo post on Delhi Blog... Then the answer is simple, It was made by a Delhi girl, the T-shirt was bought in Delhi and a handful of Delhiites thought it was a good effort. :-)


magiceye said...

T-shit? lol!!

surely understand clearly!

Priyanka Khot said...

Thanks for pointing out my mistake... hehhehehe... made for a funny tale at the gathering of my friends this afternoon. :-)

Old Lady Lincoln said...

That is one nice looking T-shirt.

picture to words said...

i like it ..

Jazzy said...

this could become good business.

yamini said...

Hi pinka,
nice work, keep it up.
ek mere liye bhi paint karna please but take care about the spellings, he he he he he.

take care.


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