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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shanti Path

This is the Shanti Path, (Shanti means Peace, Path means Road). This road is flanked on both sides by Embassies of the countries of the world. This I thought was an apt photograph for the day, when the Mumbai carnage finally ended and the gun shots have finally stopped... though only temporarily. Peace is what my generation and the ones coming after me want. But I am pretty sure that war is not the way we would attain peace... Any suggestions from you are welcome.


Kris said...

More hugs, that's what the world needs!

And kisses!

magiceye said...

agree with kris!

J.C. said...

I would like to add: love would certainly help to make people embrace each others' differences and come together in peace.

May we have love around the world!


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