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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meetha Paan (Sweet Beatle Leaf)

Eating a beetle leaf, filled with some yummy sweet ingredients, is one of my very close friends, Parul. Like most of us, she hates being clicked while trying to fit a HUGE paan into her mouth. But like i always say, what are friends for if not for embarrassing you on a global platform. :-)

A paan is eaten after a meal in India. It is supposed to help in digestion of heavy food that one might have had and is also a natural mouth freshener. Do try it out. But beware of a NICE, CONCERNED AND SENSITIVE friend like me... who might have a camera on him/her. :-)


magiceye said...

reminds of so many lovely old hindi film songs!

paan khaye saiyan hamaaro

khaiykay paan banaa russwala!!

Z said...

I wonder how she's going to return the favor...

Priyanka Khot said...

@ Z:

I called her up and narrated the write up... First she abused me and then could not stop laughing and was happy to be getting the international attention:-)

Er. Avinash Pandey said...

its very common in india people eatting paan but its rare 2 catch modern age youth eating paan. nice capture

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Hope your friend has forgiven you for snapping her trying to fit that into her mouth. I'm sure she'll return the favor when you least expect it to happen. LOL

Dr. Aradhna Awasthi said...

aah nice capture


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