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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Swadeshi, Ansal Plaza

This is a shop in Ansal Plaza mall that is called Swadeshi and sells Swadeshi, or things made within the country. Swadeshi was a movement started by Mahtma Gandhi during the freedom struggle of India. Under the movement, Indians were urged to patronize Indian made fabrics, especially khadi and cotton, over foreign synthetics.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I remember Mahtma Gandhi. He was a genius and a saint to a lot of people and to me.

nituscorner said...

personally not only for patriotic reasons, but i find khadi really ethnic and class specially if worn with the right accessories. would keep in mind to visit this store next time i visit the capital city.Thanks for the info.

Jazzy said...

nice post, i got my pashmina last year i was in India, very soft and warm.

Kris said...

I've been looking for a decent Punjabi Suit for ages!


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