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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shahrukh Khan (SRK)

I am 3 days late to post this photo. It was Shahrukh Khan's (SRK) birthday on November 2. If you are wondering that what a Hindi film superstar's photo is doing on a Delhi daily photo blog... Let me tell you my justifications.

Firstly, SRK was born and brought up in Delhi. By his own admission he is a true dilli-wala.

Also, almost all of the national dailies carry his photograph on one pre-text or the other every day.

Last but not the least, one of his biggest fans (read me :-)) resides in Delhi.

So I guess that explains it. You can read about the SRK mania that my family is diseased with here.


MumbaiiteAnu said...

Cheers for Shahrukh's birthday.
So, that's one thing you and I have in common. I am a crazy Shahrukh fan too, and would love to smash faces of those who say 'he cannot act'. I mean who could do K3G, Dilwale, Veer Zaara.. and so many movies better than him. Who-Hrithik, Salman, Aamir? NOBODY.

magiceye said...

made your day?!!

yamini said...

Hi Pinka!!
Thanks for featuring SRK here.

luv yamini

yamini said...

Hi Pinka!!
Thanks for featuring SRK here.

luv yamini

Aviral said...

Nice blog.
I totally agree with MumbaiiteAnu and even i am a die hard fan of SRK.

Shahrukh Khan said...

What a great article for me.

Shahrukh Khan


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