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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Iron Pillar, Qutb Minar

This is the iron pillar, a remnant of an old Jain temple that historians guess the Mughal rulers failed to destroy. Considered to be a metallurgic mystery, the pillar still stands tall after almost 1,500 years. It is believed that if one stands with the back joined to the pillar and give the iron structure a reverse back hug successfully, their wishes come true. However, rusting in the past few decades forced the ASI to forbid visitors from touching the pillar. Today the mighty structure stands caged with a guard on constant vigil. The arch behind the pillar is the ruin left of the original Qutb complex.


Er. Avinash Pandey said...

nice capture

Benjamin Madison said...

These posts on the Qutb Minar are very interesting. Thanks.

GUAlliance said...

I was reading about this pillar only last week. It is fascinating.


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