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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lane Driving, Safe Driving

a very self-explanatory photo here. Though driving in Delhi is not easy for someone who abides by rules. The traffic and the motorists in Delhi are very innovative and do not shy to display their skills of coming up with flawless (according to them) rules and then enforcing their fabrications on others as well. Lane Driving is Insane Driving, according to Delhi drivers. :-)


magiceye said...

LOL! so true of almost all indian cities! mumbai was good but now has decided to follow the capital!

Er. Avinash Pandey said...

do agree with u Priyanka, it need some doing to drive in Delhi when ppl hardly follow rules. Early in morning when traffic cops arent thr u can see drivers jumping red light at will and if some one stops at Red light then, chance r it will be hit by speeding vchile from behind. I face it everday n must tell u ven i reach home i tank God i reached safe.

Jazzy said...

hope you're confident with your driving now.
drive safely!


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