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Friday, November 21, 2008

Fine Arts Class

An art class going in the open grounds of Qutab Minar complex. These are students of 12th standard, working on their final submissions for the fine arts subject. They were drawing and painting beautiful images of the Minaret and the other structures in the complex.


nituscorner said...

wow thats what all classes should be like....out in the open ....under the blue sky where creativity and imaginations are at its best. lovely post.!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

That is so nice, to be able to go outdoors to paint and draw. They should hold a lot of classes outside like then, when the weather permits.

Anonymous said...

This photograph brings back memories of the times when I was teaching art that we would go outside to sketch each other and things around us. Those were nice to be able to get outside when the weather was nice. I am not so sure it made the artwork any better but it was a lot more interesting for the students.

picture to words said...

i like to see this


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