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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Parking Lot From Office Terrace

The parking lot visible directly at the bottom of my office building. I clicked the top angle view as 1.) I was on the terrace trying to get a teeny-weeny bit of sun; 2.) Since I was on the terrace I was spoiled for choice and could just take this angle; 3.) I like top shots. They make me feel like a giant at the height of just 5'3". :-); 4.) The cold is so dreadful this time of the year (OK! agreed its not as bad as US r UK or even France or Canada, but I like to exaggerate) that exploring the city from the office terrace is the best bet I have to keep fueling the blog.

A nice and warm Wednesday to all. :-)


magiceye said...

looks like the bikes are feeling cold too! they are all huddling together hedged in for warmth by cars! lovely perspective!

Anonymous said...

It is very cold here. Rain comes down as ice.

I like your photograph very much.

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nituscorner said...

Thats just what i thought when i saw Magiceye already posted his!!!
Any way happy Sunning!!!!May be thinking of the heat in the summer months might also make you feel less cold ....(is that any consolation ????)

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks like a mess and they are parked where ever. LOL but perhaps it just looks that way from that angle. It's a cool 30 degrees F here today, with snow flurries, but wind has stopped blowing so hard. We aren't even to our bad part of Winter yet. I hate to think about it. Keep warm.

Amit said...

Good PhotoGraphy

अविनाश said...

nice capture


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