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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mohan Singh Palace

Delhi is a place of designer lables and places where you can get good quality imitations made at affordable prices in sizes that will not force you to hold your breath and stomach inside for hours together. :-) This particular photograph is of one of the hundreds of shops at Mohan Singh Palace, which is a denim market. You can get any shade of denim you want here, the choice of threads, buttons and patches is also quite vast and a pair of jeans that would cost you not less than 2,500 rupees in a Levi store, you can get stitched here for nearly 500 rupees. Now that is a bargain!


magiceye said...

sure sure they would provide a label too!! ;)

Deepak Barua said...

Hi Ms Priyanka, I have an award for you. which is been passed to me by Prachi and his team, pls pick it up from my blog You rock....

अविनाश said...

Yes Delhi markets are are one big bargain place. Girls deal with it best. thx 4 sharing this info and pic

Anonymous said...

Hello Priyanka,

I hope you are having a good time and from the looks of your post you should have a new pair of jeans by now. You do sew I suppose? LOL

What do you think of our new President Obama? I really like him a lot and voted for him too.

Rahul Kr Barnwal said...

On which day of the week Mohan Singh Palace is closed? Kindly inform.


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