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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Garden, M-Block Market, GK-II

This is the garden just below my office. Some of my colleagues and I often go down here to have our tea during the chilling winters. The greens are a great remedy to brighten up the day when the sun is busy playing hide-n-seek with us. :-)


अविनाश said...

wud love 2 have office at this sort of place instead of being surrounded by concrete jungle
Nice capture

Prachi Pandey said...

nice capture n good place 2work wid such surrounding

Barry said...

Beautiful. I envy you.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to have a pleasant place to spend some time to relax. I like the less formal arrangements. To me it would be ideal to have a wild woods or forest next door so I could see the wild animals in it.

This formal garden is a lot nicer and more pleasant than buildings or asphalt and concrete. It is also a nice shot.

nituscorner said...

wow thats a lovely garden....and a lovlier still place for a chit chat with a cup of tea in your hand.

Deepak Barua said...

Its beautiful, its always refreshing to see nice greenery rather then crawling traffic jams.

fatoori said...

yeah i remember dis haunt of ours..i wonder if d same chai wala uncle still sits dere..i luvd his tea.


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