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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shubh Kamnayein: Best Wishes

It is a festive time in Delhi, with the Republic Day parade just a day away. That is why I have a set of sweet boxes saying, "shub kamnayein" meaning Best Wishes. Its not all celebrations with the threat of terror looming strongly. Hope to receive your prayers and wishes for a peaceful time for my country and the city that I love so dearly.

With Rehman becoming almost a household name after the Golden Globe win and 3 Oscar nominations, I would like you to try and listen to the title track of his latest album "Delhi-6". I love it. Hope you too would like it too.


अविनाश said...

nice capture n text was really good

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Best Wishes for the upcoming festive day. I pray it will be a safe and peaceful one for all.

Julie said...

Such good thoughts and we join you in best wishes. We were fortunate to travel to Delhi two years ago and the trip was so memorable. The people were wonderful and there is nothing like those beautiful women wearing vibrant and exquisite saris throughout the streets of India. The photographic opportunities n India are endless. Varanasi is one of those special places on Earth where everyone's face just glows with feelings. I enjoy your photos. thanks for sharing.

magiceye said...


Hilda said...

Happy Republic Day! I hope you had fun during the festivities and I pray that everything was peaceful.

Come out and play, Priyanka! I just tagged you in my blog :D


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