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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Delhi is famous for its historical importance, markets, people and most importantly for food. Food is something that characterises Delhi like nothing else can. You have summer specific foods/drinks, rainy season street delicacies and winter cuisines and beverages. The photograph is of Keventers. It is an outlet in Connaught Place. It sells chilled flavoured milk in bottles shaped like the ones in Tom and Jerry. The milk in delicious and filling. Though it is a summer specialty, having it during a foggy winter evening is a pleasure I cannot describe in words. :-)


nituscorner said...

The place looks great....but don't they sell anything else rather than Milk(ugh!!)...Not a drink for me to try in a

magiceye said...

not seen these guys in mumbai! we have aarey outlets selling flavored milk apart from the dairies selling lassi!

saptono istiawan sk said...

I just love India, Especially all the multispiced food


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