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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tackiness At Its Best

I spotted this car and the writing on its bumper recently. This is tackiness at its best. I wonder how many 'Ma'ams' actually graced this black car.


nituscorner said...

Well am impressed with the generosity too. Lol!!!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

That's funny. When I was in high school, an older boy had an old beat up looking car, with things he had written all over it. One said, don't laugh lady, your daughter might be in here.

Comfortably Numb said...


Delhi = Total fun.


Sarsij said...

hahaha.........wonderfully captured and a nice move to discourage such a rowdy act!

jordan shoes said...

Very good!

divsi said...

hehe! i saw one of such cars @ chandigarh- a certain self obsessed mr.chautala exclaimin:
"chautala is always rite!":P


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