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Friday, February 6, 2009

Ross- 1 year, 1 Day Old

I failed to pick a favourite from these two photographs and decided to post both of them. Ross was at his best behaviour, and NO Kris, he is not as whiny as David Schwimmer. He is an extremely calm and angelic dog.

After some five biscuits, which he loves to jump and then catch, Ross obliged me to do a photo-shoot in the wee hours today.

Thanks for all your wishes.

And a Bow Wow from Ross, coupled with several wet licks and sniffs. :-)


yamini said...

Hey Ross,
Happy Birthday to you.
And the blue collar looks cool on you.
hope you enjoyed the cake, though.

magiceye said...

happy birthday ross!
have a barking day!!

Jazzy said...

wow he's not a puppy any more.
happy birthday ross.

Anonymous said...

Well, look at you, Ross. Happy Birthday. And what a handsome fella you are.

I just finished reading your comment on my blog and then realized I will be the same age as your grandmother come October of this year. Any my wife, of 53 years, will be 73 and we will by then have already celebrated 54 years of married life on July 12th.

Thanks for your visits.

अविनाश said...


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Both photos are nice, but I like the top one, showing his bright healthy pink tongue. He looks like a very happy cared for dog.

Kris said...

Good to hear that he doesn't give you too much trouble.

Gurneet said...

OMG!!! I cant beleive he has already grown so much..the sad part is he wont recognize me!! :(
its good to hear that you like Dogs now.. :)

GUAlliance said...

What a handsome boy! Hes quite a poser :)

Suddendeath said...

shoot, i should hav followd up ross since he was a puppy. Take good care of him please. i just lost my dog to a untreatable neurological disease :(


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