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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I.N.A Market

Several apologies for being irregular with my blogging over the past month. Many things kept me away from my favourite set of virtual people and I hope that such a break would not come in future.

This is the I.N.A (Indian National Army) market in South Delhi. It is famous for a variety of high-end eatables. The best thing is that you can get n number of vegetable varieties in this market.


amatamari said...

beautiful rainbow of colors, smells and people ...

Hyde DP said...

don't worry about being an irregular visitor - we all have other lives to lead that keep us away at times - nice to hear from you when you do drop by.

Prachi Pandey said...


yamini said...

great going pri, with a three-post comeback on the blog.
We surely missed u dear for you show Delhi in a light like no one else does (at least to my knowledge).


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