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Friday, February 27, 2009

Delhi-Gurgaon Toll

Yesterday I had put up trains, today I thought roads would be the way to go. This is the Delhi-Gurgaon toll. While crossing the Delhi-Gurgaon border a toll of 17 ruppees per car is charged. The express highway is a fairly new phenomena in Delhi and I must say that drivers like me love the express highway where the speed seldom drops below the 60km/hr mark and the roads are as wide as possible.


अविनाश said...

Its toll free 4 bikes...and speed is as high as 110km/h, I just love driving over this expressway specially ven on bike

Nice catch, a broader frame wud have given a better view io the size of toll 'Bridge' , i guess u took 4m inside of ur car?

Anonymous said...

The photograph you posted for this is very nice. I like the colors and the way you took the photo. I just wish the sun had been out so the colors would have shown up brighter. I wonder if I can ever measure-up to some of the brilliant photography I have seen today? I well remember the first super highways we traveled on. Will wonders never cease I asked myself.

Thanks for your past visits and I hope someday to see you on one of my blogs again.

Abraham Lincoln
Patty and Me - blog

Jazzy said...

nice transitions from yesterday post =)
have a good friday Priyanka!

Prachi Pandey said...

its a huge boost to the daily commuetrs on Del-G'aon rd .....remebr the panice this toll created when it was inaugrated??

nice post

Hilda said...

Looks — and sounds — like our tollways too!

R. Ramesh said...

the toll does take its toll but the fun of a smooth ride dilutes the worry..what say??hey priya, thanks for those good words dear friend..haan..quietly, what were you gossiping abt me to the famous dentist from shillong..ya..i did get hiccups..but u know what i bit my tongue so hard i thought somebody was cursing me..hahah..hey i am not joking buddy..

Sifar said...

I wonder if there are lanes for electronic toll payment where the cars donot stop but the toll is deducted from the RIFD (pre-paid and rechargable device) placed on the windshield of the cars.

Anonymous said...

thAT expressway is not for bikers still they all go on those flyovers at high speeds when they are stopped u ppl just cnt read that 2 wheelers r not allowed on those flyovers it causes lot of accidents coz of sppeding bikes jus for everyone gud please dnt take bikes on those flyover u r educated ppl


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