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Friday, October 3, 2008

St. Thomas' School - Junior School

I am still having the hangover of the October theme day, which meant we post photographs related to lines. This is the building of the junior department of my alma mater- St. Thomas' School. Whenever I think of lines, I think of this phase of my life when I had first been taught of shapes, falling in line for assemblies, doing Physical Education Drills and God knows what all. I learned to cut lines across my t's and dot my i's. Ah! It was a glorious time. :-)

You can read about my sentiments for my school here.


MumbaiiteAnu said...

Wow, nice photo with your thoughts about it explained.

School memories are always precious after growing up.
I take care to take photos of every event in school(like when Krrish dressed as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose), toys, some clothes and playtime of Krrish so he can have many memories of his childhood years when he grows up.

amrutasyaputra said...

Wow, kindled my memories,
Did you know though it was a Girls school it admitted boys too and I am talking something 35 yrs ago !!. I was one of the handful of boys who used to be students with classroom full of screaming and shrieking lively girls :-)

Kalyana krishnan (


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