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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day Break

My day began today with the blushing sun greeting me from behind the tree leaves. Not particularly fond of exercising, even I could not resist the wonderful early morning nip in the air. I decided to welcome the beginning of the winter with a walk in the Talkatora garden located just a few minutes of walk from my home. The garden is surely a paradise for photo enthusiasts like me. Would bring more photos from the garden for you in the days to come.

Happy Winters :-)


nituscorner said...

So it looks like all of us are ready to welcome the winters....not that am looking forward to it. lol but a change of seasons is always welcome. Well even i started my morning walks and yes Shillong looks beautiful now with the leaves on the trees turning golden brown as the autumn season rolls in.

yamini said...

Hi dear, as always, you bring back refreshing memories for us on your blog.
i liked the photograph, it took me back to my hometown and schooldays, when mornings were really welcomed (were they???) and greenery had more space in our lives.


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