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Monday, August 11, 2008

Statesman House

This is a landmark building in Connaught Place called the Statesman House. Central Delhi is still to a large extent Lutyens' Delhi with no building claiming to be a skyscraper. Statesman House is noticeable not for its height but for its innovative design. the best part of this building is a Cha-bar cum book shop called Oxford. A delightful place for book lovers, who enjoy flipping the pages of books while the city speeds past them. :-)


magiceye said...

very stately structure indeed!

is the cha bar fancy and expensive?

nituscorner said...

Your picture here reminded me of my visit to Oxford in Connaught Place....but i never realised it had such a majestic building over head.....time was too short for me to look around but in my next visit i will surely look up to the Statesman House which makes such a statement.

Kris said...

It kind of looks half-finished? But maybe that was the intention?

ken mac said...

sounds like a fantastic place to while away the hours.

• Eliane • said...

Hey, I recognize it! I have seen once before. :) I have to smile at the "half finished" comment. It makes me think of the Babel Tower.

fatoori said...

it is quite a landmark.connaught place is a circular area and one often gets lost in its labyrinthian is den that one looks for the statesman house, which stands as a giant looking at the building from far away, one can identify the Barakhamba Road, which, in turn, gives an idea of where one is standing and where to go..


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