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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Friendships Day

This is the Lifestyle City Square Mall in Rajouri Garden. Most of you know about my tirade against Malls, however, in extreme humidity that is plaguing us here in Delhi, the centrally airconditioned food courts are a blessing for a Saturday afternoon outing. Plus this photo is apt for today as it has a message in Red. Happy International Friendship Day!


Kris said...

I was living in Melbourne one summer years ago, and it had been in the forties (degrees Celcius) for a week, and I ended up in the cinema just to get a break from the heat. To demonstrate how dire things must have been, I watched both Titanic and the Spice Girls movie!

Dire indeed!

nituscorner said...

Sometimes I wonder if we need only one day to remind our friends how special they are.....but i guess events like this gives us a chance to shop in airconditioned malls on a hot humid day.....we in the hill stations are spared though. I wish i could send over some cool cool breeze from the swaying pines here for all my friends as a friendship gift.....


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