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Friday, August 29, 2008

South Block

This is the South Block at the Raisina Hills. It flanks one side of the Rashtrapati Bhawan (Presidential Abode). One of the most majestic sites that one can find in modern Delhi, this building houses some very very important offices like the Ministry of External Affairs, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Defence. Forget all that, I am totally mesmerized by the architecture and the color of the sky. It feels that even nature knows that this is the highest office of the country. :-)


magiceye said...

superb composition!!

picture to words said...

i just want to let you know when i do blog i often do look at yours ..and i thank you i like it

babooshka said...

I can see why you are mesmerised. The building, the big bkue sky and tha lush green grass together are marvellous.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice I feel like I am in delhi living daily life as you do in your blog

Anil from Michigan


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