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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blushing Sky

Since the time I read on Eliane's blog of the blushing buildings, I looked at the Delhi skies for the same emotions. The impending rains granted my wish yesterday, when the sky turned almost crimson in anticipation of the thunder and showers. Almost switched on the poet in me :-)


Anu said...

Blushing sky. What a way to describe the sky!
It's all pink and blushing.
Lovely photo.

nituscorner said...

Great picture...sometimes i wonder if there is a painter born yet who would beat mother nature in her choice of colours...

tejbir said...

man o man
i dont recollect this kinda horizon i saw the last time in my 20 long years in Delhi!
BTW what is that tallest tower in the middle seeming to touch the clouds?

Yogesh Naik said...

Nice pic

magiceye said...

lovely colors indeed! so what did the poet in you say when woken up?!!

Pran!t! said...

hey! sundar sundar!i clicked a similar pic sometime last week too! love the rains! :D :D


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