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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cakes... Yummmmm!!!!

I was cake shopping for my mother's birthday a few days ago. Treating my blogger friends to the best of cake photos was surely in order. Happy Drooling. :-)


Anu said...

Yummy, mouthwatering!!! My son Krrish is also seeing the cakes. It's reminded him of cake, and he won't let the weekend go by, without having atleast a pastry at the Monginis cake shop.
Yummy photo.

• Eliane • said...

Oh wow, so colorful!!
I find Indian sweets so pretty. There's this sweets shop in Jackson Heights (Little India in Queens) - everytime I go, I have to have a box with a little bit of everything. Of course when I bring it back home, i can't remember which one is which. But who cares? Yum!

Oh and, happy birthday to your Mom!

Z said...

So, what did you choose for your mom? A happy birthday to her.

nituscorner said...

that was sure a treat ......only I wish it was not so sinful when you eat it. lucky mommy who can still afford such a treat....wish her many happy returns too though late.

Pran!t! said...

just treating us to pics of the cakes? what about the actual stuff eh?? :-w


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