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Friday, August 22, 2008

My First Car

Well I am guilty of neglecting the blog for a long time now. The culprit is right here... I was engaged all week in the formalities of acquiring this black beauty. This is my first car. Chevrolet Spark. I plan to drive to the remotest parts of Delhi once my driving skills improve and bring lots and lots of more Delhi photos for you. :-)


magiceye said...


Heres wishing you hours of Happy Driving!!!

tejbir said...

u dont need to wait for improvement in ur driving skills - delhi's unruly traffic will take u to the level 7 of driving on the very first day.
Just have the courage to drive towards areas like karol bagh, pahar ganj, old delhi rly stn and see urself getting transformed on a single day from a novice at the wheels to someone who aspires for participating in the himalayan rally

nituscorner said...

congrats on your achievement..... and wishing you happy and safe driving.

Pran!t! said...

now that everyone is ver with the polite treat? :P :P

Anu said...

A vehicle is all you need to explore your cravings as a photographer.
Great combo - camera and vehicle.
Have fun! Looking forward to you explorations here.

picture to words said...

congrats.. beautifull take care

humanobserver said...

Congrats to u and u r black beauty....! But drive carefully...You know Delhi roads better than me.....

Sometimes I don't, sometimes I do said...

Hey, congratulations!

May you have many 'miles with smiles'!


Isadora said...

Congratulations! :) and be careful.


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