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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lots To See Inside Red Fort

I will try to keep my words to a minimum today, as there are a LOT of photos from inside of the Red Fort for all of you.

This is the ticket we purchased to see the Red Fort. I think it is a beautiful one so I plan to save it.
The first thing I noticed while we were entering the fort was this tile, placed at the bottom of all the plaques describing the sections of the fort.

Below is the entrance of the famous Meena Bazaar of Red Fort. This is a covered market, built to ensure that the Mughal women were safe when shopping in the olden days. Even at 8 30 in the morning the market was beginning to open. These are some of the jewellery pieces I saw in the market.

Pigeons and that too in a reflection shot was too tempting.

These are the pillars at the Diwan-e-aam. The Diwan-e-aam is colored red and this is the place where the king addressed the ordinary citizens of his kingdom.
The unique thing about this place is that the king was able to hear the petitioner's voice clearly from any point of the Diwan-e-aam. The photo below is that of Diwan-e-khaas. It is built in white marble and had been painted in silver and gold. This is where the king held audience with his state guests and ministers.

The opulence of the place forced me to indulge in some photography. :-)

The small balcony kind of structure that you see on the right of this photo, was a window to the river Yamuna, which over the years has changed course and now a lush garden is maintained in the river-bed.Below is the Moti Masjid. Moti in Hindi means pearl. It is named so because of its white marble structure.

And this is a group photo courtesy Ananda Gupta (who was also the brain and soul behind the tweetup)

From left to right: Vishesh, Priyanka (Me :-)), Sunaina, Meeta, Shubhi, Suchita, Priyanka, Sunny, Vivek and Daksh.
Sitting Lions: Ananda sir and Rubin sir.

Thanks a tonne people. It was a fun outing!


Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Thank you for the beautiful tour through the Red Fort!

Louvregirl said...

LOVE the deep red color of the Red temple; it's striking...the scroll work is beautiful; the arches and your photography (of them) surely rock!:-)

Patty said...

Looks like you had a lovely outing, so many things to see and take photos of. Glad you were able to go on the tour of the Red Fort.

R. Ramesh said...

wonderful coverage....hey P, welcome anytime ya..

SHAH'NAWAZ said...

Thanks sweetie pie


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