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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Ross!

Ross, our labrador dog, turned 2 yesterday. As a treat, we took him to India Gate. This is Akshat, my younger brother, playing with Ross at India gate.

Posing at India Gate!

Preparing for the stunt.

Getting in the zone.

And this is how we jump! :-)


kavita said...

Good dog...hey Ross,happy birthday to you.Priyanka ,i wonder your being a great fan of the series FRIENDS has something to do with his name?lol.

Pran!t! said...

Hippity hoppity happpityyy barrkkdayyy!!! :D :D

No cake? :(

Bah! Next time you cross by here temme in advance ... Ross shall have a chicken cake waiting for him! B-)

Deepak Acharya said...

Did you cut the cake ? My best wishes are with Ross )

fatoori said...

wo! so he does tricks now! way 2 go ross!

nituscorner said...

happy belated bday Ross.

yamini said...

Happy Birthday Dear Ross....

May you live a long and healthy life. Woof Woof !!!!!

That stunt shows that Ross is a Daredevil.

The only thing missing is Akshat's smile. What happened to him?

Sangita said...

happy bow wow day ross.u are so cute


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