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Monday, February 22, 2010

Dastakar Spring Mela

Some more colours as Delhi goes all out to welcome and celebrate the Spring season. Over the weekend, I went to Spring edition of the Dastakar Mela. Dastakar is Hindi for handicrafts. The event held at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts is a celebration of the handicrafts from all over India.

As we entered the lush green lawns, we saw this man sitting outside his stall and making lac bangles.

This was his final work.

Further into the mela, I spotted these wood carvings and cane furniture pieces.

There were a lot of terracotta plant holders for gardening enthusiasts.I loved these butterfly shaped garden steps.
There was a lot to eat but the best find in the food court was Daulat ki Chat. Traditionally chat is full of salt and spices. But Daulat ki Chat is a sweet preparation. It is made of the milk foam and has just a little bit of sugar and is garnished with pista (pistachio), kesar (saffron) and powdered brown sugar. In short, it is DELICIOUS!


magiceye said...

a wonderful place to spend some quality time!! thank you for the virtual trip to the mela and introducing daulat ki chat..

kavita said...

Priyanka..this is a great post like most of your post are.I am sure you must have bought those beautiful bangles...beautiful handwork.I have never tasted Daulat ki chaat looks a lot like rasmalai.Thanks for this lovely virtual tour.I envy you for you get to see all these lovely spots all the time.

kavita said...

The header is awesome Priyanka..congratulations on the new look of DD...CHEERS !!

kavita said...

The header is awesome Priyanka..congratulations on the new look of DD...CHEERS !!

nituscorner said...

those terracotta stuffs were i really envy you priyanka.

R. Ramesh said...

awesome...priya u d best...:)

Aditi said...

hey the header looks nice. you still haven't lost your touch :-)... Thanks for introducing me to dastkar. I didnt know it was soo good.. I plan to buy one of those terracota plant holders for home...would the mela be on till this saturday??

Rob and Mandy said...

Very nice, I specially like the beautiful bangles

R. Ramesh said...

ya header is gr8 u d best


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