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Friday, February 19, 2010

Environment Friendly Job: Raddi-wala

We in India have been environment friendly for a long time. Our re-cycling also keeps in mind the economics. Today I present the "raddi-wala'. The old newspapers and magazines are called 'Raddi'. It is customary for Indian households to stock a stack of old newspapers. Depending on the space in home and the newspapers a household subscribes to, the stack of 'raddi' varies from a minimum of 5Kg to as much as 20Kgs in some households.

This is Janakraj, the 66-year-old man who has been buying the 'raddi' at my house for the last 10 years. His day starts at 5 o'clock. He goes all across Central Delhi buying 'raddi' from homes and offices. The rate at present is Rs 6 per Kg. And I sold 10Kg of old newspapers.

He weighs the newspapers, calculates the amount he will give and gives the money with a smile.
He then fills his sack with the paper.

Then off he goes to earn his livelihood and make earth a better place.

He sells his collection of old newspapers, magazines, glass bottles, old plastic containers to a wholesale "raddi-wala", who in turn sells his collection to paper mills that produce recycled paper.


Aditi said...

Hey that was a nice post. Our raddiwala has a small shop near the colony. We go to his shop to sell our collection of old newspapers and plastic containers..

Sifar said...

Over here the refuse collection is done on certain days of the week in different areas. Garbage pick up will be say Mondays and Thursdays. People will keep putting the bags of garbage daily into a big bin and place that bin outside their homes and the Refuse colletor Dump truck will come and empty it on the day scheduled for the area.

Similarly, each household will keep putting the newspapers, magazines, soda cans, PET bottles, boxes and anything that can be recycled into a recycle container (usually blue in color) and place it outside the home and the recycle collectors will come, empty the bin and dump the whole truck load at a recycling plant where the stuff is sorted by categories and then huge bails are sent off to the respective recycling plants.... But over here we donot get paid to get rid of the recyclable material. Once a year when we pay the property taxes, the service fee to collect the garbage and recyclable materials is included in it.....


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