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Monday, February 1, 2010

February Theme Day: (Touch) Wood

It is time for February Theme Day: and this time the theme is Wood.
Here is a blast from the past. This is one of my closest friends, Gurneet and me almost hugging an artifact at India Habitat Centre. This is from our last outing before she got married and moved to Canada in January 2008. I vividly remember that after this photo we both had said in chorus: Touch Wood may we remain friends forever. :-)

A happy February everyone!

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Julie said...

a very nice post and sentiment. well done

R. Ramesh said...

nice post indeed:)

Rob and Mandy said...

We hope you will remain friends!
So many Indians in Canada, including my own sttep family! Suppose you know Peter Russell? If not, look for him on youtube, it's worth it!

Rob and Mandy said...

I actually meant Russell Peters yesterday, must have been tired, sorry!

kavita said...

Cute friendship story !


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