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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Catty Affair

Did I tell you that Delhiites are a considerate lot? In case I forgot, I have photographic proof this time around. Here are two of my very good friends (also my colleagues) feeding a stray kitten on the office terrace. Two kittens made the terrace of our office their home recently. Everyone in office has taken to them and talk of the animals as one of the esteemed members of the staff. We are worried about their food, milk and shelter often. Here, Anjana (in black sweater) and Aditi (in the maroon pull-over) are feeding Black-n-White (we are innovative name givers :-)) some biscuit crumbs.


Patty said...

That's wonderful that you ladies are feeding the kittens. What happens over the week-end? Does someone leave extra food for them?

Anonymous said...

Plz tell them that they did a nice job. And you did too by capturing the moment with your colorful mobile. :)

rohini said...

I kn this kind behaviour of before marriage i was also from delhi...

roentarre said...

Wonderful image and post

Really caring :)


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