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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Talk To Me!

A collection of vintage telephone sets on sale at Janpath, Connaught Place. Note the black and red ones on the bottom left corner. These were sets we had in our homes just some 7-8 years back and now they are vintage. A time will come when my Nokia 7610 (source of this blog) will also been seen on one of these shops. :-)


Birdman said...

I like that shot... it drew my eye.

The Double Inverted Commas said...

Whoa! And how much were these "antiques" being sold for?

Patty said...

Quite and assortment. Plus several old phonographs players. My Grandmother had one that had the arm/trumpet thing, but hers took cylinder shaped things for the records.

magiceye said...

lovely find and capture!
and yes the rate of change is rapid now!

nituscorner said...

thats one of my fav haunts in delhi....!!!! i love this place.

Sifar said...

We use to ve that telephone in our home in the 70's. So yes it is pretty old. It used to be called "Kesto Mukherjee" named on famous hindi move comedien. We also had the one in red in the 80's. Now I believe everyone has the push buttons, cordless, voice activated kind of phones.

I wud love to ve the Kesto Mukherjee phone in my home. It has the call quality I have never heard on any other phone.

Anonymous said...



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