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Monday, December 7, 2009

Tibetan Kitchen

Greeted by a wall which had writing which I could not decipher, I was apprehensive of having dinner at Tibetan Kitchen, in Amar Colony. But friends insisted and promised that I would love the food and especially a drink they swear by. So in we went.

Red lighting, lamps with more undecipherable writings and a black and white wall paper, I already liked the place. But I became a fan after the first sip of this drink - which has an unassuming name - lemon, honey and ginger drink. These ingredients are mixed in hot water and voila! U have the best thing you have had ever. If you are in Delhi do check out the small quaint place in Amar Colony. It offers Indian version of Chinese food and a good ambiance to spend an evening.


kavita said...

Looks like a great place....the drink looks yumzy.

Hilda said...

I love the wall! That's the nice thing about non-Roman scripts — they already look like artwork.

The lemon, honey and ginger drink sounds like something that I would really like. Have you tried lemongrass? Love that too.


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