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Friday, March 20, 2009

Lamp, India Gate

A place to have some clean and safe fun is India Gate. Surrounded by plush lawns, this central Delhi monument, which marks the modern history of India, is just the palce to be during a nice cool day that we are having in Delhi today. Since I am stuck in office and trying to amuse myself by looking outside the window at the mild sun, I thought of sharing a part of my favourite spot in Delhi (where I'd rather be than in office, at least today :-)). This is one of the lamps, albeit without a light, which surrounds the main gate, which I have featured on the blog earlier.

Hope you are having a nice weather as well.

Greetings from Delhi.


R. Ramesh said...

good one thanks 4 sharing

Anonymous said...

See you are on Twitter too but was not able to figure out where to leave a comment. It takes me a while to learn the new things.

Fio said...

Nice picture and... nice blog!
Greetings :)

amatamari said...

Thanks for the image
and have described so well
India Gate ...



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