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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nanhe Phool (Little Flowers)

Its a lovely, romantic weather in Delhi, and I had none other than 'Nanhe'(or the youngest one) asking me to buy red roses. He stands at the traffic light crossing and when ever the signal turns red, he goes from car to car pitching his red buds at minimal prices. I often buy these almost dying flowers on my way to office or back home. Not for the flowers, since I believe roses are over-rated, but just to have a little chat with the likes of Nanhe.


Patty said...

That's very nice that you take the time to chart with Nanhe and buy the flowers. Probably helps him also.

amatamari said...

The image has a rare beauty...
the boy's profile, flowers slightly
blurred, the sky almost transparent, the moment...



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